• Life Insurance Sun, Nov 3, 2013

    One of the characteristics of insurance is that the insurance premium is affected by the risk the insurer is covering. This makes perfect sense because all insurable risks are not the same. There is no point in charging a very low premium to cover a very high risk. Insurance companies are not in business to lose money. This is why insurance premiums can be high or low depending on the risk the insurer is covering.

    For instance, people who live in areas where car theft is very common are likely to pay high insurance premiums. People who drive very expensive cars are also likely to pay high premiums for motor vehicle insurance because these cars are more frequently stolen than cheap ones.life insurance

    The principle of high premiums for high risk is also applicable to life insurance. People who smoke will definitely pay more for life insurance than people who do not because the risk for the insurer is much higher. Again, the profession of the client is a factor. Teachers, for instance, are likely to pay less for life insurance than soldiers and commercial drivers. Swimming instructors are in the high risk category. This is because the job of this professional is quite risky.

    Some people may argue that swimming instructors are very good swimmers so they are not likely to drown or have an accident in the swimming pool. The point here is that the swimming instructor usually works with people who cannot swim. These people can put the instructor in serious trouble. In some extreme cases, the instructor may drown if he or she is not very careful. This is why swimming instructors should pay high life insurance premiums. The risk for the insurer is quite high and this risk has to be balanced by a high insurance premium. As stated already, some professions are risky. The swimming instructor falls into the risky category and should therefore pay a higher life insurance premiums.

  • Swimming Club Tue, Oct 15, 2013

    There are many great reasons for wanting to join a swimming club and unsurprisingly enough, there are more reasons than just wanting to learn how to swim.

    If you don’t know how to swim, then joining a club is a great place to start. Not only will you be with similar ability level pupils, but you’ll have specific areas of the pool just for your club, which creates a calmer experience and increases your learning.swimming club

    Keeping fit has never been easy to achieve by yourself, having to constantly provide your own motivation can become more tiring than the exercise itself. Being a member of a club will share your motivation, when you are low, someone else will be there to pick you up and you can offer the same to them, when they are low.

    Swimming can become a very unproductive experience, just doing lap after lap with no real way to measure your progress. A swimming club will help you set immediate goals for you to work towards and help you to measure and record them. Being able to track your progress is a great way to maintain your enthusiasm for the sport.

    Joining a swimming club has exactly the same effect as joining any other specific club. You are immediately surrounded by people with a similar interest. You will meet these same people every week and have a common talking point. When you sign up to a club, you are effectively signing up to a new bunch of friends.

    A club will have set times and places where they can swim. You will be given special lanes to swim in and could even take over the whole of the pool. This avoids any worry you may have from a crowded pool or kids jumping into the pool from a slide.

    Whatever your reason for wanting to join a club, there are clubs ready and waiting for you to sign up and go swimming.